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Kawartha Solutions clients are guaranteed a streamlined creative process (from start to finish), extraordinary communication and collaboration, and an aggressive work ethic. There are very few companies that can match our pace. Our clients' needs and success are our top priority. We go above and beyond to deliver - every time. We will earn your business every time and you will be glad you choose us for your next project.

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 At Kawartha Solutions your Web Design really starts with you. You still need to do research on web design even if you do not plan on creating your web site on your own. How else will you know what options are available to you? You should start by looking for web sites you love. What technologies do they use? What design features make them stand out to you? Really, why do you love the websites you love and how could you capture some of that in your own potential web site? Keep track of these web sites that really strike you and that you enjoy; having your own “portfolio” of designs you love can provide an important conversation starting point with your designer. Do some research on the features and technologies you find to determine how expensive they might be, what their full benefits are and to see if there are any newer or better alternatives to what you have identified.
 Kawartha Solutions specializes in the total "Turn Key Approach". We support you through every step of your web site project. Our services offer a complete solution. With our one stop cyber design store, we can "Design", "Host", "Promote" , "Maintain" , and "Brand" your company for it's world wide adventure on the web.

 In today's society, a website for your business or organization is a must. People looking for information usually go to the internet first to research and gather what they need. A lot of times, if you don't have a website, people tend to look for someone else who does.
 Kawartha Solutions has been helping companies with their high tech computer needs for over 15 years.

 A website for a small to medium business allows for the opportunity of competing with a larger business on almost equal footing. A website also allows for an inexpensive way to gain world-wide exposure.


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